Teething time is soothing & fun with teetherpop™!

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Introducing teetherpop™, a patented line of fillable, freezable teethers. Simply fill the reservoir and freeze. Flexible slits in the reservoir allow flow of baby’s thawing drink as they teethe! From babies first purées, water, breastmilk and even homemade smoothies and freshly juiced fruits and veggies, our baby teethers help soothe teething woes, entertain little ones, and provide a cheery treat whenever the mood strikes!

teetherpop™ is a safe, contained and less-messy alternative to traditional teething popsicles and a creative option for storing breastmilk. They are also perfect while on-the-go, keeping baby soothed & hydrated or providing an instant easy snack by filling with baby’s favorite purée! Stock up your freezer drawers, drop a few in your travel bag or gift a new parent and let’s make teething soothing and fun!


Just Fill & Freeze!

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Step 1

Fill to the indicator line with baby’s favorite drink.

Step 2

Fold handle into reservoir and snap to secure.

Step 3

Give to baby on the go, or place the cover over your teetherpop and freeze. When freezing smoothies, purées and thicker drinks, mix with half water.

Step 4

Once chilled, remove from freezer and run under warm water to remove the over cap.

Step 5

Flexible slits allow babies to enjoy their thawing drink as they teethe!


You Decide What’s Inside

Simply fill reservoir with purées, water, breastmilk, homemade smoothies, freshly juiced fruits and veggies and more!

Get Creative

Delicious Recipe Ideas

Perfect for soothing teething discomfort or an on-demand entertaining treat, teetherpop is great for cheery strolls, airplane rides, going out to dinner, or a fun anytime treat! Simply fill reservoir with purées, water, breastmilk, homemade smoothies, freshly juiced fruits and veggies and more!

Dreamin’ of Piña Coladas

The electrolytes, potassium and antioxidants in coconut water make it a healthy and delicious option for baby’s first popsicle! Try mixing half coconut water with mango or banana baby food purée. Freeze for a tropical treat!

Baby’s Bahama Mama

There’s no better food for baby than what nature intended – Mother’s milk! When introducing baby’s first purées, mix with half breastmilk or formula. We recommend trying apple, pear or banana. Freeze for a soothing added treat!

Prune Punch

Maybe your little one needs a little help “moving things along”. Looking for a fun and fiber-packed way to get your baby to eat their prunes? Mix half water with baby’s first prune purée. Strain through a fine mesh sieve for better flow, and freeze for a deliciously fun treat!


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Thoughtfully designed in Austin, TX and manufactured with love in Ashland, OH, we use only U.S. sourced, medical-grade materials. teetherpop™ is also US Consumer Product Safety Commission certified.


How much liquid does teetherpop™ hold?

Each teetherpop™ holds 1/8 cup of liquid. When filling, you might want to consider premeasuring out batches.

How do I remove the frozen over cap?

Once you remove the teetherpop™ from the freezer, we recommend running it under warm water to loosen and remove the over cap.

For what ages is teetherpop™ recommended?

We designed teetherpop™ for babies aged 6 months and up, but you'll find it's a great alternative to traditional popsicles for older tots, too!

What is teetherpop™ made from?

We manufacture teetherpop™ in Ashland, Ohio using US-sourced, FDA-approved medical-grade silicone and polypropylene. No BPA, PVC or latex is used in its construction.

How do I clean my teetherpop™?

teetherpop™ cleans easily and is top-rack diswasher-safe. It can be washed by hand or with a bottle brush using soap & water.

How do I improve the flow?

For smoothies or purées, we recommend finely blending, straining and/or thinning with water as needed for an easier flow. When freezing these thicker drinks, mix with half water first.

How do you sanitize the reservoir?

To sterilize reservoir, place in boiling water for up to 5 mins. Let cool before filling or giving to baby.



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