Dreamin’ of Piña Coladas

The electrolytes, potassium and antioxidants in coconut water make it a healthy and delicious option for baby’s first popsicle! Try mixing half coconut water with mango or banana baby food purée. Freeze for a tropical treat!

Baby’s Bahama Mama

There’s no better food for baby than what nature intended – Mother’s milk! When introducing baby’s first purées, mix with half breastmilk or formula. We recommend trying apple, pear or banana. Freeze for a soothing added treat!

Perfect Prune

Maybe your little one needs a little help “moving things along”. Looking for a fun and fiber-packed way to get your baby to eat their prunes? Mix half water with baby’s first prune purée. Strain through a fine mesh sieve for better flow, and freeze for a deliciously fun treat!

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