Replacement Reservoirs & Caps

Replacement Reservoirs & Caps

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Ensure that your baby's teething toy is always in top condition with our Teetherpop™ Replacement Reservoirs & Caps. Designed with both convenience and safety in mind, these accessories provide peace of mind for parents and a comfortable teething experience for babies. Order now.


  • The package includes two replacement reservoirs and two replacement over-caps
  • Made in the USA with US-sourced medical-grade silicone
  • Compatible with Teetherpop™ silicone teether
  • Easy to replace and attach
  • Ensures optimal functionality and hygiene of your teething toy

Don't miss out on keeping your baby's teething toy in perfect condition. Order our Teetherpop™ Replacement Reservoirs & Caps today and enjoy uninterrupted teething relief for your little one.


  • Material: Medical-grade silicone
  • Color: Clear
  • Age Range: 6 Months and up